Orphan Sunday | Nov 13

We believe in the power of collaboration to effect change in our communities, and we believe Orphan Sunday has the ability to bring churches, organizations, and community partners together in unique and powerful ways. We want everyone to have the opportunity to be Better Together for vulnerable children and families.

We have all heard the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” From Paul’s passage on the “Body of Christ,” to Nehemiah’s rebuilding a united community in Jerusalem, to Moses appointing 70 elders to “…bear the burden of the people with you, so that you may not bear it alone,” God’s Word exemplifies repeatedly that the “true religion” of James 1:27 is best fulfilled in community. We are truly Better Together.

This year, we invite you to leverage the power of Orphan Sunday to catalyze communities of Christians toward ongoing care for vulnerable children and families. Your mobilization of churches, organizations, and advocates in your community will accomplish far more for children and families than any could alone.

We also invite you to affirm the Better Together Vision of CAFO’s Global Network.

Every child in a loving family, embraced within a collaborative community

The Better Together vision will be accomplished through these shared goals:

  1. Collaborating to enable family and community-based care
  2. Partnering with churches to inspire and support Christians in action
  3. Cultivating competency with evidence-based approaches and best practices

Orphan Sunday can be a powerful tool that catalyzes movement towards these shared goals – for every child and family to have more than enough support and to ensure that everyone is Better Together.

The role you play is crucial. You’re a “convener” – someone that helps “set the table” and invites key stakeholders to have a seat, including churches, organizations, child welfare professionals, businesses, individuals, and other community partners. Each stakeholder brings unique resources and opportunities to the table – a table they likely otherwise would not have had the opportunity to sit at had you not created the space. It’s around this table that relationships form, trust is built, and collaboration begins to take root. This is the long-term vision for how Orphan Sunday can be utilized as a tool for collaboration – not just for the execution of Orphan Sunday (especially as a one-day event) within individual churches and organizations, but for long-term collaborative partnerships in your community.