While parents are the primary disciple-makers of their own children, the church plays a vital role in supporting parents in this glorious work. At Grace Church we see this as three things: training, opportunities and resources.

Like any map, there is a starting point (birth) and a destination (launching into adulthood). There are also some markers along the way, but different people will arrive at them at different times. For example, we can’t determine when conversion and baptism will happen in a person’s life, but it’s important to pay attention to this and also pray and work to prepare your kids for this. Even if a child isn’t professing faith in Jesus, it is still important to work toward maturity and godly character.

Preparing for Dedication | Beginning at Birth

Dedication is the pledge of parents to raise their children in the fear and instruction of the LORD with help of, and in the community of, the body of Christ.

Preparing for Baptism & Conversion | Beginning at Age 2

Baptism is the public act of being immersed in water in obedience to Jesus, and is a visible picture of several key elements of the invisible gospel.

Preparing for Christian Maturity | Beginning at Age 10

Helping parents understand a whole-life discipleship mindset. Church programs as one aspect, but as-you-go as main discipleship.

Preparing for Launch into Adulthood | Beginning at Age 14

Launch into Adulthood Track

We are striving to produce adults who fear the LORD, living lives of holiness, prepared to have families, be active members of the local church and be godly citizens of society.