Our Joyful Working Is Worship

As we preach our way through Philippians, this Sunday we find ourselves in chapter 2 of Paul’s letter. Here he writes the most famous words regarding our responsibility to God's sovereign grace, “work out your own salvation.” Our text comes on the heels of an exhortation to live gospel-worthy lives and a dramatic description of Christ’s humiliation. Paul uses those wonderful truths to give us hope and motivation for this seemingly impossible command. Our obedience is an act of worship to God and it is his power and promise that uphold our obedience, otherwise, we would surely fail. God will accomplish his plan through our active worship for his purpose and pleasure.

Rejoice, For The Veil Has Been Lifted!

This week we’ll be looking at the end of 2 Corinthians chapter 3. Paul has just finished telling us how great the New Covenant is compared to the Old Covenant. If the ministry of death, the Law, was so glorious that the Israelites couldn’t gaze on Moses’ face, how much more glorious is the ministry of freedom, the gospel of Jesus Christ? Paul says that before the Spirit comes into our lives, we have a veil over our hearts preventing us from seeing Christ as glorious. But when we are born again, the Holy Spirit removes the veil and we are able to see Christ as glorious and that changes us into His image.

Come Out From Them

This week we are going to break out of Dave’s series in 1 Peter to dive into Paul’s teaching on holiness and what it means for us when God says, “Be holy, for I am holy.” Paul is pleading with a wicked and immoral culture for them to separate themselves from their former lives of idol worship and fornication. True, the Corinthians had a more relational and public way of sinning, but our modern world isn’t far off when it comes to their level of depravity. So, how do we balance being in the world and not of it? How far should we separate from unbelievers? What constitutes worshipping an idol in the temple of God?